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Smartphones everywhere


Mobiles It seems like these days every major mobile company is launching smartphones. Well you would say that this is good news, and it is no doubt. Today is launched the “I don’t know what it is called” model from Nokia, tomorrow something new is brought […]

Download Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1


Downloads Great news for those at Microsoft, today they announced the release of the first major Service Pack for Office for Mac 2011. The new update that Service Pack 1 suffered fixes a lot of issues and also now, the security in Microsoft Office for Mac […]

Brink System Requirements revealed


Gaming Splash Damage (British developer) has finally revealed the system requirements for their latest multiplayer first person shooter Brink. You can also select a single player campaign, and a story, however you need to train the player for the first multiplayer match, but it doesn’t matter […]

Best photo editors and organizers for OS X

1 picture management

Reviews You probably think that Photoshop is the greatest image editor of all time, but prepare to be proven wrong. I agree that Photoshop is more popular and it is the most used image editor but there has been a test, with 4 other application, that […]

Cisco kills Flip camera in first revamp step


Cameras Everyone was surprised when Cisco announced the decision to shut down Flip. Why shutting it down?! Why not selling it? This shows the pressure on Chambers to cut down a money-losing company, who also includes Scientific Atlanta and Lynksys routers.   In 2009, Cisco bought […]

EraThink EraPalm spotted, rumored for US release

erathing erapalm

Gaming If you are a gaming junkie or if you enjoy playing some good games once in a while, than this is certainly the device for you. EraThink launched the EraPalm a 5 inch gaming MID. This is expected to arrive in the US later this […]

Logitech keyboard case transforms an iPad into a Laptop

logitech tastatura

News To settle those of you who have a problem with the iPad virtual keyboard, Logitech offered some help with the Keyboard Case. Logitech could not be absent from iPad accessories manufactures group, so he throws a new feature in the competition. Logitech Keyboard Case is […]

MSI announces four New Sandy Bridge Laptops

MSI laptop

News MSI is working hard: not so long he unveiled four new laptops F-series to be more precise. These four devices are based on Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors: the FR 720, the FX 720, the FX 620 and the FR 620 (15.6 inch) Some specs for […]

Top 5 free Windows 7 and Vista 64 bit Software


Reviews I think we all spent some time and money looking for the best software when we made the change to Vista or Windows 7 64 bit. If you didn’t know by now there are some free alternatives. We will present you some freeware software for […]

HTC Pyramid to be unveiled on April 12th as the HTC Sensation


Mobiles Due to some rumors, the HTC Pyramid is expected to arrive on April 12th. Also we found out that the name will be changed from Pyramid to HTC Sensation, which is too bad, because Pyramid sounded better and catchy. We found out also that this […]