PlayStation 4 – gearing up, read to delve more about the PS4

Breathless chase of genealogy extension with the better protected pose of ironic resurfacing! Actually, we are having empty bowl to describe but we can reckon to publish that if Microsoft is planning clandestine race to the mountain then who knows? It’s secretly making its next genre-cracking fantastic proverbial Xbox to succeed the Xbox 360, and then surely Sony must be working on a PlayStation 4, may be?

Palatial conversation and speculation has been abundant that the next level crusading console fierce battle will be fought around 2011-2012 with all new equipments. This is when Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli and industry analyst Colin Sebastian believed that a potential Xbox 720 and PS4 could appear nearly. But does the market really need another generation of hardware to fight for the evil and injustice?

As Murray Pannel, Ubisoft’s head of marketing in the UK, points out: “It would be nice [for the first parties to start talking about new hardware]… I don’t think it’s a requirement right here, right now, because there’s enough new tech coming to the market… I genuinely think games can get better. Experiences can get more rich and varied, and the new platforms, Kinect and Move, can help enhance that.”

But, surely, if the PS4 is a revamp of the running model PS3, we’re likely to see some virtually obvious high end superior technology upgrades and revolutionary ingredients– 802.11n to replace the existing 802.11b/g chipset; an external power supply (to squeeze the size of the box and to improve cooling); a thunderous massive hard disk; all new graphics processor and an increase in the onboard memory, tightening wonders!

The memory aura architecture in the PS3 splits 512MB equally between graphics and application use and it’s been suggested that this restricts developer freedom. You’d expect the PS4 to address this issue, giving developers more dedicated memory to open their articulate-laced techniques for distinct game levels. Though, it’s worth spotting out that the PS3 (and any future Cell-based consoles) can use the SPEs for mathematics-intensive tasks like mercurial talent based on physics, implosive metaphysics, psychology of power and technology. Time testing for us!!

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