Convert your Windows Mobile into Android Device

There are two mobile operating systems that rule the portable world now a days, one is Apple iPhone OS and another is Google’s Android, both are unique in their own way. So if you have any Windows mobile and desire for an Android one, needn’t to go and buy from your pocket, instead follow some simple steps as the following and u can use Android OS in the mobile.

Technically A Windows Mobile has all the requirements of any Android Device, to convert you just have to install the OS and use it. As the primary OS is Windows and integrated into the mobile, android can’t be used directly by replacing the Windows or emulating via any software, instead we will use a Boot Loader named HaRET to reboot the mobile into Android Operating System.

To get started, several files are needed to be downloaded. First, Android files for your Phone Type is required to boot in the ROM, and then the HaRET application will use the android files to load the Android Operating System Environment after rebooting. Current GSM sets will work fine whereas old CDMA seta may not be able to boot into Android OS at all.

Search Google for the phone type with the model number to get the Google Android files, which may come in a compressed single file or a set of files listed in a type directory. While choosing the files, make sure the following files are included :

ü  zImage (System kernel)

ü  rootfs.img  (root image file)

ü  Initrd.gz (Initialization file to load Android)

ü  system.sqsh (pack of Android System files)

ü  default.txt (System Information & Settings)

ü  HaRET.exe (Boot Loader Application)

Download these files, unpack if it comes in archived format and put all of them in a single directory. Then Connect the mobile with the PC or laptop in which these files are stored via USB or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi whichever required. Before connecting, it’s safe to format the mobile and remove any Memory Stick, that will decrease chance of confliction. Then transfer all these files from the folder on the Root Folder of the Mobile. For most of the Windows mobile, it is ‘My Device’ but check if this folder is under anything or the root folder.

After arranging, it’s time to change the mobile setting into Android compatible one. Open the default.txt file and change settings according to device hardware specifications. A little searching and working will do the trick, and the task is not so difficult, like great intelligence is not needed to understand that mddi.width = 320 & mddi.height = 480 are the default screen resolutions and you will need to change them according to your mobile. The following picture will help you out a lot.

After changing all the settings, or which u require, disconnect the device from PC or Laptop. Now go to the file explorer to open the HaRET.exe which will reboot your Windows Device into Android One using the files you put in the root folder.

If you want to load the Windows Operating System again, just press & hold the End button or hard Reboot, that will do the trick. Risk is not much involved in this process but problems may occur if u have a Unlocked SIM, that have to be Unlocked again in Android, which is not so tough task to do.

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