Civilization 5 Free Download, Hints & Tips

Sid Meier’s Civilization has been around for almost two decades and the creation of the console-based Civilization Revolution was the most divisive moment in the franchise’s history. And now here is Civilization 5 and the game is believed to turn out as awesome as the last four games.

Whether you are totally new to the civilization franchise, a convert from Revolution or an old hand at the Civilization series: Civilization 5 is a game that absolutely needed to happen. Civilization 5 has much to offer in an easy to understand package and delivers everything no matter what route you have taken to play.

The core Civilization franchise environment is still there, but it can experienced more like an efficiency veteran jumped in and streamlined everything that had gotten gawky with the series. The game is strategic but friendly that everyone would just fall in love to play.

Download Civilization 5 Demo Free

And the best news that everyone loves to be updated about is that the game is being given out for a free taste. You can download the Civilization 5 Demo here.

Civilization 5 Guide – Tips and Hints

We have put together a list of Civilization 5 Tips & Hints that could also help new or experimented gamers to have a better gaming experience.

Civilization 5: Units

The unlimited stacking element had been removed from Civilization 5 and the game instead restricts you to one unit of Military, Naval or Civilian type per hex the only exception being the air units with no limits, and the missiles that can also stack on Missile Cruisers (3) or Nuclear Subs (2).

Civilization 5: Cities

The production of cities has been the most important thing of the game to increase your empire, culture and various resources. The way the cities work has been altogether changed in Civilization V and the game has become more strategic requiring a lot of brainstorming.

Civilization 5: Social Policies

Many Govt/civic technologies have been removed from the tech tree creating a new political system. To invest your culture in, the system gives you ten separate trees and allows you to unlock bonuses. The policies can be ‘mixed and matched’ thus you are not forcing you to switch between different types of government, but in effect can create your own.

Civilization 5: Diplomacy

Diplomacy – the ability to encounter other civilizations and open diplomatic relations with them is the most useful features of the Civilization games. Some changes in Diplomacy have been made in Civilization 5 that make it far easier way to maintain diplomacy.

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