The Cameras from iPad 2 Have Poor Quality?

With the release of the new iPad 2 numerous critics said that this device’s cameras are pretty poor on quality. Believe it or not, Apple’s magical device scored low against Motorola’s Xoom, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab , and even on it’s own family, iPod touch. The tests made with the camera from iPad 2 proved what we thought all along. iPad w takes real bleak and noisy images than most tablets, that are competing right now with it.


Although we know that IPad 2 cameras are sufficient, since Apple ran tests with the Xoom ,Galaxy Tab , IPod touch , IPhone 4 and Canon’s PowerShot s95, they still bring unexpected low quality. Before the big release happened, on IPad 2 specs page they didn’t mention the megapixels that their device has. In fact, the both cameras take only 0.7 megapixels images.


Despite this, iPad 2 came fourth in a sharpness test made by Apple, ahead of the IPod touch, thing that is not really true. The good thing about it is that the images have higher color accuracy that those made with the Xoom tablet.


So, in conclusion, iPad 2 will never match youriPhone 4. The only thing that will suffice will be the FaceTime calling and maybe the recording of some random videos. If Apple will bring the promised upgrade of the hardware of this second generation camera I think that iPad 3 will be a lot better.


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