Smartphones everywhere

It seems like these days every major mobile company is launching smartphones. Well you would say that this is good news, and it is no doubt. Today is launched the “I don’t know what it is called” model from Nokia, tomorrow something new is brought to the table by those at HTC. The champions are Nokia and HTC, but instead of launching a model 4-6 moths apart, a model that would be a must have for everyone, they are launching them like skittles.


Don’t get me wrong. Like I said, this is great but every smartphone have almost the same features, nothing new and catchy. The different thing about them is the look and the logo on the front.


For example let us take LG Revolution smartphone that will be launched sometime this year. This NEW device has a 4.3 display with 480×800 pixel resolution, a processor that is capable of 1GHz, 5 Mp camera with auto focus, LED Flash, 1080p HD recording capability, according to the latest rumors. Android 2.2 no doubt, and it is capable LTE on Verizon’s network.


Ok, now let’s take HTC Inspire 4G: like the LG it has a 4.3.inch screen, a 1GHz processor, well, a smaller storage space of 4 GB for this one and only 720 HD video capture. Android is running on this one as well.


Call me crazy for expecting something new in this day and age. It’s like I’m buying the same phone only the name is different and, of course, the price. But I think it is easier to insist with the same product and make a lot of money just because your name is Nokia or HTC or RIM.


It is depressing to see people being fooled by world wide companies, but what can you do, in the end it is their fault for expecting this little.

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